Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Red Wheelbarrow

We read and analysed William Carlos Williams' poem, 'The Red Wheelbarrow' and created our own poems using a similar format. The photographs were taken on our school grounds.

By Abby


  1. Hi 8B,

    These poem are very well written and well presented. What form of poem structure did you use?

    From Lottie

  2. We used William Carlos Williams' poem The Red Wheelbarrow to base our poems on.

  3. Very well written poetry, 8B and I love the images you have used as inspiration.

    Do you know the book "Love that Dog" by Sharon Creech? The Red Wheelbarrow is mentioned in this book. It is quite amusing.

    Mrs C-M

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  5. The Red Wheelbarrow is one of my favourite poems - and not just because it has chickens in it!!!! We will use it for inspiration in 8C an share with you.

    Here is my version for now (you will have to imagine the picture)

    a picture of anticipation
    the dog lies
    waiting for shadows
    under the apple tree

  6. Great poems 8B! I love the photos you have taken for them!