Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The best kitchen appliance

We have been studying persuasive writing. One class assignment was to write a speech to promote the best kitchen appliance, with maximum use of persuasive features.

This is Holly's:

Have you ever picked up your cup of tea, brought it up to your lips, taken in a whiff of the magnificent sweet stench, only to be highly disappointed, as it appears to be as cold as stone? Well, I have a solution. A winning solution in fact. And, it's called a kettle. Yes you heard correctly, a kettle. Or as some people call it, a jug. This spectacular kitchen appliance that will solve all of your problems. I believe that kitchen kettles are the answer to your hot beverage related problems.

Firstly, let me start by saying that I am no fan of cold tea, and I’m sure you aren’t either. Think about all of the times you have had cold tea, because of the so called, good old tap. Not only are kettles great for making a hot beverage, they can be used on your car windows. How many times have you tried to open your car door on a frosty morning, only to find the door frozen shut?

My parents and I were getting ready for school and work. We were running late, so it was pretty hectic. As we finally reached the car, we only found the doors to be stuck to their hinges. Well, this is where the kitchen kettle can come in very handy.

Using a kettle to defrost the doors from sticking to their hinges is an easy way out of causing a whole lotta hassle in the morning. I believe that this small but mighty kitchen appliance is the winning item here people. Don’t you agree with me?

Now. Just take a moment to reflect on a time when you have run your hand under the cold tap, waiting for it to warm up, so that you can have a nice hot beverage of some sort. Just think of all that water you are wasting! Somewhere in the world, there are children dying because they don’t have any water, while you happily wait at your kitchen sink, while the precious water gets wasted down the drain. Taps are so last year. Just with the flick of a switch, you waste no water, and it only takes approximately 41 seconds to boil, whereas it sometimes takes 3 whole minutes for a tap to only reach luke-warm.

Some people may say, why use a kettle when you have a hot tap? Well, I'll tell you why. Repeating what I said earlier, taps take 2 minutes longer to boil compared to jugs. When you use a tap, water is being wasted, therefore, more money is added onto your water bill. Sure, if people want to pay more for wasted water, that’s fine by me.

Next time you are roaming through the shops, why not stop off in the kitchen jugs area? It would save you not only a whole lot of hassle, but money as well. By buying a jug, you are saving the children in need. So. What would you choose? Loss of money, wasted time, hassle and children dying, or you could JUST USE A JUG! Kitchen kettles deserve to win. Because although dishwashers and microvaves occasionally come in handy, I don’t know about you, but I would much rather prefer hot, boiled water. Hot chocolates. Coffee. Tea. Go on. Go out, and buy a jug. It will change your life.


  1. Well done Holly, It has really convinced me that the Kettle is the best kitchen appliance.

    Aimee H

  2. I thought that was very persuasive. You have used some great persuasive language.

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