Tuesday, 3 December 2013


As we are studying Optics at the moment we created Zoetropes. This is a simple animation device that takes advantage of how inefficient our eyes can be at focusing.


  1. Hi 8B,

    The finished zoetrope looks really cool. I wonder if 8C will ever get around to finishing theirs.

    Sarah Be, 8C

  2. Very cool - and I also like how you have got the clip on your blog - I need some lessons before next year's Exhibition so I can have our blog looking awesome. I think there are (or were) Zoetropes at the Museum. How does it work?

    Mr P

    1. The zoetrope was filmed as a movie and then converted online to a gif. The zoetrope relies on spinning at an even speed. It looks like it is magically spinning on the surface, but it is just Holly spinning the pencil attached to the bottom through a hole in the desk :)