Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Holly and Evelyn introduce themselves


  1. Blog Comment - Introducing Evelyn

    Thank-you for sharing you're information with us. I really enjoyed reading what you like, and places you like to be. I loved everything about it, and I absouloutly loved how you added photos to match the writing!
    Can you do another sometime? Maybe next time add different information!
    you're quote is really cool and it sounds like something I would say!

    Ross Intermediate, Palmerston North, New Zealand

  2. Thank you for showing me your all about me poster. I really enjoyed reading your poster. The part of the poster that I liked was EVERYTHING, because it was in a nice format, especially how you put photos on to describe you. I wonder if you have other favourite movies or quotes? What is your first favourite movie out of Boy, Pitch Perfect and Despicable me?

    Ross intermediate
    Palmerston North, NZ

  3. Thank you for sharing some interesting information about yourself with me!I have also traveled to Australia and Rarotonga! Although I haven't traveled anywhere else like you!
    I also enjoyed The Hunger Games series, and am looking forward to the upcoming movies!
    I really like the quote you mentioned, do you know any other good quotes?
    Where can I find them?
    Ross Intermediate, Palmerston North, NZ.