Monday, 24 June 2013

8B Personal Projects

Every year, the Year 8 students complete a Personal Project. You can choose anything, and you have three terms to plan, research and complete your goal. 


  1. I love all of the ideas i think they will all be fun!!!!

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  3. Hi! I love all the ideas! They must be important to you because most of them are for other people.They all look fun and I would do some of those if I could.

    By Aaliyah.

  4. Hey I am Tj from Dannevirke south school.
    I love every goal each one of you came up with, I think that is such a wonderful and interesting task to do at school! I really love the singing goal because I think its great to fund raise money from singing. It sounds like your a wonderful singer Kate and I think my class should definitely do something like this at school. This looks so fun and it seems like its really important to you all.
    Tj (:

  5. Great projects they are really interesting ideas. Well done!