Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lead Blog

Hi Everyone
We are the lead blog in our Quadblogging group this week.
We are going to try to blog every day. Today we are introducing ourselves using Voki.


  1. We have really enjoyed learning about your class using the vokis. We are keen to try this ourselves for our class blog. we really enjoyed the animations.
    Room 3 Balmacewen Intermediate

  2. This is such a cool thing. I love how the are all unique to your own personality and hobbies. I hope to create one of my ow.

  3. I love voki, Its a great way to express yourself and it's so fun!


  4. hi its will from balmacewen its a really cool idea each introducing your self using voki

  5. I think that the Vokis that you have made are really interesting. It's a great way to easily tell people what you are interested in, and your attributes & personality.
    Thanks, Sam Rm 3 Balmacewen

  6. Hi, I'm Mehara, a student from Tawa Intermediate.

    These are really cool. Vokis are so cool and very cute. Are they easy to make? They look so great I should try make one myself. I love how you show off your individual personalities!


  7. Hi, I'm Josef from Tawa intermediate. I think this is a really cool idea everyone introducing themselves with voki, I thing I might steal it for myself.

  8. Hi im Kaiya from DSS (Dannevirke South School) and those voki's are really cool we have voki's on our personal blogs. I really like trinits one.