Sunday, 10 November 2013

Self Defence

Today we had Lynda Maindonald teach us self defence. We learnt some physical moves, but the best thing to do is be confident, and act on our gut feelings not our conditioned responses.
Aimee and Samantha role playing 'uncomfortable' conversations


  1. Hi 8B,

    I really enjoyed that Self Defence because the role plays we did were really fun. It's good to be able to learn how to protect yourself when there is a someone coming to attack you.


  2. Hi 8B,

    Who's the dodgy dude? I can imagine either one of you playing him! My favourite part is the role plays because it's good to practise what you'd do if something happened in real life.


  3. Hi 8B,

    That self defense class was so much fun! It helped learning how to protect yourself if a dodgy guy came up to you in real life and doing roleplay really helps when your practising.

  4. Hi 8B,

    I really love self defense! I think that its a great way for people to know when to do something when a 'doggie' dude approaches you. Its really cool, its like doing karate in school!