Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Introducing Alice


  1. Nice post Alice ~(˘▾˘~)

  2. Never tried sailing I must try it one day... :)
    What are the 8 sports you play?
    I'll cheer you on at the Olympics!!!
    Love the photo :)

  3. Your sport looks epic! I must try it one day! Lets take the whole class "I'm really bad at skiing so I'll go down the mountain on my bum" :D Loving that selfie xD
    Cleo SHS

  4. Cool Alice. Was the invention of the new sport intentional?
    Elise M

  5. HI Alice,
    Your Mum wants me to start sailing.

    Selwyn House School

  6. Hi ALice
    I never tried sailing but it sounds like loads of FUN!
    I love #TFIOS

  7. I love Skiing
    I bet you are very good at the sport you have invented!
    And I like Sailing

  8. You also invented a biking skill-o-metre, the people at the back (me, you and holly) were called the bumpy on the old bottom group!
    #TFIOS OMG!!

  9. Hi Alice,

    I loved your poster because it was creative, stunning and very outstanding, Why do I say that because its just right where everything is. Wow!!! thats as many sports as I played last year. You sound like a nice, sporty and kind girl. I think in the future you will make it into in the women 470 class group. I think you will get better at being a skier, all you have to do is try, try and try. Who inspired you to be a sailer? and who is your favourite sailer? Thank you for reading have a nice day.

    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North, NZ

  10. Hi Juliet!

    Thank you for commenting on my post
    I do really hope I get into the women's 470 class and thank you for encouraging me
    My inspiration to start sailing for life was Leslie Egnot as she was the first skipper for an all female crew americas cup boat. And she learnt to sail at my club: Christchurch Yacht club
    But my favorite sailor would have to be Oliva Powrie and Jo Aleh who were the first females to win win a gold medal in the 470 class for team NZL sorry I cant chose one of them

    Thank you for taking time to comment
    Selwyn house school
    Christchurch NZ

  11. Love your photo!! Smoking hot! ;)

  12. Hi alice have u ever been sailing be for? I like reading too. What are ur 3 top favourite sports? keep sailing and u just might get in the world champs by dean ross intermediate palmerston north

  13. Hi dean
    yes I have sailed before ( I sail pretty much every weekend )
    my three top sports are waterpolo basketball and sailing

    Thank you for taking time to comment