Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Introducing Evey


  1. I like your quote, Evelyn! That is very YOU!

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    A great way to introduce yourself. I have instructed my class to check out your post for inspiration on how to use quotes effectively.
    Miss Turner
    Room B, Turaki Primary School

  3. Hi Evey
    LOVE the quote so true

  4. Hi Evelyn...I just loved your Smurfette costume that you wore for 'Read aloud day' I would love to see a post of you in costume. It was so good...and I did not even recognise you.

  5. Hi Evelyn

    Thank you for showing me your creative poster. I really liked your poster because it was in a really neat and nice format, especially how you put pictures in it and how u spread it all out. I really loved reading your poster it was very creative. The part of the poster that i really liked was everything. If you could choose out of your favourite movie what what would it be? and would you ever change your favourite Smurf Smurfette. I would really like to see a photo of you wearing your Smurfette costume.

    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North, NZ

  6. yes hahah we all know you love your phone :)

  7. Hey Evelyn

    Thank - you for telling us about yourself.
    It is really interesting reading what other school do, so we can have ideas for our school.
    If you had to choose out of frozen, grown ups and grown ups 2 what one would you pick??

    I really like smurfet! Where did you get the costume from?? was it expensive??

    My favourite part of the poster is how you have said that people wanted you to put more, because then people could read your first one too.

    You seem like a very creative person and you are always happy

    Jenna :)