Monday, 10 March 2014

Introducing Rose


  1. Wow i love cats too i love the way God has created the cats you'r cats cute my cats got 22 toes and my friend's cat is adoribel

  2. Hi, Cats are the best! I have got three other cats. One is a tortishell, and the other two are black and black and white, and are little kittens. The one in the picture unfortunately died, so we got those little kittens instead.

  3. Thank - you for sharing "you", Rose.
    I really enjoy reading about you and 8B Online.
    It was very interesting to know what your cats names are, because I used to have 3 cats named Toffee, Mackintosh and Bon - bon, but I gave them away when they were kittens.
    When I read about what your favourite books are, I was wondering what is "Gone" about?
    I was also wondering, how do you manage your time?, because 17 hours of dance is and EXTRAORDINARY amount of time!!!
    Did you know I used to do ballet, jazz, theatre and piano?
    You are very similar to me, so I enjoy reading about you. 8B Online is my favourite blog so I always comment on it.

    Ross Intermediate
    Palmerston North, New Zealand

  4. Hi Jenna,
    Gone is a series about a transparent globe that has been put over a small town in San Fran Sisco, and the kids have discovered mutant powers. There is also a mysterious monster called the 'darkness' that can control some of the kids! It really really good!
    I manage my time by having one notebook where I right down all the things that I have to do, and when I have completed the task, then I tick it off. It works really well!
    Selwyn House School

  5. Hi Rose!

    Thank you for sharing 10 interesting facts about yourself with me.
    I love your pets names, especially Bon-bon.
    What breeds are your cats?
    I was also wondering how long have you been doing ballet, jazz, contemporary, theatre, piano and flute? You sound very busy!
    I'm also obsessed with cats they're too cute!

    Ross Intermediate,
    Palmerston North,
    New Zealand.

    1. Hi Louise,
      My cats are tourtashell and short-haired black cats
      I have been doing dancing for 9 years, theatre for 7 years, piano for 4 years and the flute for 5 years!
      Do you have any pets?

  6. Hay ! : )
    I like the way you set up the page with txt and a photo of you. :)
    Some of my hobbies and swimming, hanging with friends and drawing/ craft.
    I like your cats names, very cute ! I have a cat named Cefa, she's a tabby cat and very fluffy. I also have a sister named Keisha witch is nearly 10. :)
    My favourite subject at school would probably be P.E. And my fav colour is purple !
    Wow ! 17 hours of dance a week, thats a lot ! Also, Whats a pediatrician ?
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Ross Intermediate

    1. Hi Zanthea,
      I like swimming and drawing too!
      Your cat sounds incredibly cute :)
      A paediatrician is someone who cares for sick kids with cancer etc...
      From Rose
      Selwyn House School

  7. Hi
    Wow that is a lot of dancing
    What is your favourite sort of dancing to do
    I do Musical Theatre and used to Hip Hop
    From Amelia 7G
    Selwyn House School

    1. Hi,
      I do ballet, jazz and contemporary
      Musical theatre sounds lots of fun though!